It’s been awhile, that’s for sure. When I started this business and the newer versions of our website, I tried to make a point to write posts at least once a quarter. It didn’t happen. I struggled to find things to write about and always thought to myself “Do people really care?”. I’m going to change that.

This year I’ve pushed myself to be a better communicator. Whether it’s to the guys in the field, our clients, or my business partner, I’m trying to get better. Our big step was hiring an office manager to help communicate more to our clients and relay information that comes through the channels between all of us. More notes, more pictures, just, more everything, to be better prepared now and for the future. The more we give people, the better off we will be as a service provider.

That includes this platform. Sharing information about us as a company, stories about past and present projects, or maybe something interesting that happened to me at work recently. I want to share it with anyone who is willing to read it. I could have an audience of 0 for awhile, but that’s ok. I want #rva to really know who we are beyond a company that cuts grass or builds patios, and hopefully this will help.

VA Council of CEO’s

Last quarter of 2018 I was asked to join a group called the Virginia Council of CEO’s. The group is made up of about 240 successful business owners around Richmond. There are certain parameters of your business that are required in order to be invited, such as number of employees or total revenue. Although my business met the requirements, I was skeptical just based on what I do vs. what most everyone else in the group does as far as line of work goes. Why does a landscaper in his 30’s need to meet with lawyers or financial guys in their 50’s on a regular basis? I wanted to do something different that could benefit me as an owner, and this was certainly different.

We recently had a retreat at Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg where most of the members attended. Although my trip was cut short due to a prior commitment, I was able to meet some more people and get out of my comfort zone a little to better position myself within the group. The event was full of great speakers (could only make one), but it allowed me to get a better feel of what I was getting myself into. Made some new friends on the golf course, too!

Part of the reason this “blogging” has started came from this event. Our first speaker, Noah Scalin, was talking about creativity and how business owners struggle to find new ways to….be creative. Finding new ways to develop and grow your business, manage employees, etc. It’s hard. We went through some exercises and ways to help change all of that, and this came from an open discussion. One gentleman stood up and grabbed the mic, and challenged everyone in the room to write a blog post either once a week or once a month. Whatever your schedule wanted to be, stick to it and write them. So here I am. I wish he announced who he was so I could thank him, as this is something I’ve wanted to do, but couldn’t. Maybe he will read this…SHOW YOURSELF.

I’m excited to see where this group takes me. I have a smaller “round table” made up of 9 business owners where we meet once a month too. It’s great business connections obviously, but it’s more about becoming a better owner. I hope this group helps me become a better leader to put this company in a position to be more successful for everyone involved, including our clients.

SO…I hope I can stick to providing some sort of content on a routine basis here. It may not be weekly, but I am going to make a point to publish enough to where it’s interesting, but not annoying. I need a small little book to write stuff down I can write about here. Now I’m really getting ahead of myself….

Eric Ellington-Partner

Glen Allen Grounds