Happy Friday everyone! Another three day weekend is upon us! We understand there is a lot going on with vacations coming to a close and school starting up, so the lawn is probably the last thing on everyone’s minds. We get it, which is part of the reason why we do what we do. It is our job to worry about the lawn, not yours!

Our favorite season is fast approaching. That’s right, football season! Kidding aside, even though football is the greatest, the Fall is a great, if not the best, time to really turn that lawn around. Aeration & overseeding, Landscape enhancements, or Hardscape projects with fire features, the Fall brings out the best in all. 

Most of you have received some information regarding our upcoming schedule over the next few weeks. For those who haven’t, we can help! We are preparing for aeration beginning the week of September 16th(Weather permitting).  With that said, there are a few things we need to address to ensure the best possible results for aeration/seeding.

Many lawns are suffering from thatch due to the heat waves and lack of rainfall we’ve had this Summer.  Grass seed needs seed to soil contact in order to germinate, so if not addressed, the areas where thatch exists will not respond well to our aeration services.  We are planning to offer dethatching services starting early September.  Along the same lines of seed to soil contact, moss will also prevent strong results from aeration and seeding.  Moss needs to be raked away from turf areas and disposed of to achieve best results.  If interested, please contact our office for more information

Now is also a good time to ensure your irrigation system is functioning properly.  The lawn will need to be watered a couple times daily for short increments to achieve best results.  Making sure the entire system is functioning properly and heads are providing adequate coverage is paramount.  Let us know of any issues you are having with your system, and we will be happy to help! 

The Fall is also the best time to spruce up your existing landscape. A lot of original landscape package installations reach their peak and start to get crowded, diseased, or bare after about 15-20 years, no matter how much you do to keep them alive. This is not to say that your landscaping is poor, but plant material does have a tendancy to deteriorate overtime. We can help bring some new, fresh curb appeal to your home, and there is no better time to do it than now!

Fireplaces also tend to be a point of interest in the Fall for us. A solid feature for any hardscape project, they really allow you to use a space year-round. Recently, we have been adding electrical outlets and conduit runs to our Fireplaces to allow clients to either mount, or bring their TV’s outside. I’ve seen full set ups with furniture and heaters in the background, to create a comfortable space to watch games in the evenings. Experiencing this first hand myself, it really made me realize how much use you can get out of the spaces no matter what the temperatures are. We feature hardscape or full masonry fireplaces with plenty of finishes to suite your needs. Check them out!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day weekend, and as always, we appreciate everyone’s support!

The Glen Allen Grounds Team