The first Summer Holiday is here! I’ve seen so many pictures and videos of friends and family near bodies of water, a grill, etc. which is great! Let’s not forget the people who allowed us to be in these positions, sacrificing more than we can imagine.

Short post today, we have an afternoon T-time I must prepare for. Still committed to my promise 2 weeks ago to share some thoughts about Glen Allen Grounds. I’ve noticed how our construction projects have changed as you progress through the seasons. This year in particular, we’ve seen increases in outdoor kitchens going in, and have some pool projects planned for 2019. Towards the end of last year, we did a bunch of fire features for the Fall. I guess its an obvious change. All of our kitchens we have done feature Blaze Grill Products ( These cost effective, sleek units really provide great value for our clients from the Grills all the way down to drawers and even paper towel holders. These grills carry a lifetime warranty on all the components that make up the grill, besides the electrical components. Check them out!

We hope you and your family enjoy the rest of the Holiday weekend, and hope we can help enhance your backyard for the upcoming Summer season soon!

Eric Ellington– Partner

Glen Allen Grounds