Short Pump Leaf Removal Service

Short Pump Leaf Removal Service

With Autumn just around the corner, there is plenty to look forward to: bright autumn colors, cooling weather, and the holidays! But with it also comes the hassle of clearing out piles of dead leaves. Glen Allen Grounds’ Short Pump leaf removal service can make sure your lawn doesn’t suffer under layers of fallen foliage! 

Our leaf cleaning service in Short Pump VA will work on any lawn, small or large, commercial or residential, to clean out your yard. When our master cleanup crews are through, your yard will be spotless. Clear out garden beds and walkways, under bushes, and around porches for the best looking lawn around. With our Short Pump leaf removal service, the hard part is taken care of for you so you don’t have to worry about raking or blowing. You can just enjoy the fall you want!

With over 75 years of combined experience, our crews are guaranteed to do every job at the very highest level. With the best leaf cleaning service in Short Pump VA your lawn will gain benefits like: 

  • Providing sunlight to newly seeded lawns to promote growth
  • Prevent any diseases that might come from decaying leaves 
  • Prevent rotting roots 
  • Prevent lawn-killing bugs from laying eggs or nesting

Ensure that your lawn remains as healthy and happy as it was all summer, and give it the best chance to remain that way! Short Pump leaf removal service at Glen Allen Grounds is also just one of the fall services we offer, including lawn seeding and aeration for your lawn’s best spring yet. 

Get rid of the leaves covering your lawn, with a little help from your friends at Glen Allen Grounds Management! Pre-schedule your fall Short Pump leaf removal service today by calling 804.719.9156 or filling out our online contact form!


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